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Since 2016, Opportunity Day has been working for a more inclusive labor market. Our method is based on two parts; 1.) Opinion formation - Give companies incentives to recruit in new networks by spreading the good example - We focus on the resources, on the business benefits, on the profits to be made. 2) Create meeting places - partly to build experiences instead of prejudices, also to build new networks. As a participant, you help build a competitive society where people and companies can grow together. On Opportunity Day, business, foreign-born job seekers, academia, authorities and the public sector meet. 

Job matching: 7/10 jobs go through contacts and many companies that need to recruit describe that they have difficulty reaching the target group of foreign-born job seekers via their traditional recruitment channels. Here we bring together those looking for staff with those who want a job. O zone: At the "O-Zone" seminar stage, we start from the needs of business and focus on the business benefits of diversity. This is where the company's driving forces come into focus. Mehssa: Labor market actors meet here to inform, inspire and network. The possibility of holding workshops/seminars in-house for job seekers is available. 


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