Opportunity Role

The new project by Opportunity Day which is designed to support businesses to explore new ways of hiring non-native Swedish people, helping to increase productivity and continue to be competitive. We at Opportunity Day support companies to identify tasks on their ‘to do list’ which can be easily delegated to someone who doesn’t yet speak fluent Swedish, but has a working visa and is motivated to enter the Swedish workforce. These tasks are then tailored to create a new role that become an opportunity for both the employee and employer.

Through creating an Opportunity Role, the employer
can experience:


– Increased diversity in the workplace, leading to more competitive business.
– Increased productivity by having more time to be spend on tasks that demand their technical expertise.
– A better understanding and appreciation of other cultures.
– Opportunities to teach and share Swedish culture with new migrants.


While the employee can experience:


– Improved connections to their professional network.
– Increased confidence, self esteem, a sense of belonging and value.
– A better understanding and appreciation of Swedish workplace culture.
– Access to develop their Swedish language skills in the professional setting.


We will provide you with access to resources and training for the office team to develop their cultural awareness, so employees feel welcomed and valued. Through spreading this education and understanding of other cultures, we hope that in time the experience of hiring non-native Swedish people will become an effortless benefit for businesses.


For more information, please contact us at info@opportunityday.se